Our Philosophy

Today, due to the ever increasing pace of our lives we as a nation do not eat well which leads to a number of complaints related to digestive disorders such as obesity, heart conditions and allergies. Even in the most hectic life I would like to be able to help you to change a few simple things to improve the quality of your digestive system, therefore immune system and the whole workings of your body. I have now successfully treated many clients with a whole host of conditions and would like to welcome you to the clinic. For those who would like a more specialist service, advice on sports nutrition, allergies and fertility is also available.

whirlpool, dynamic blue rotational motionThe HAVA Diet – Detox and Weightloss Plan has now been launched at Nutrience- you can do this in house with us over seven or fourteen days and be pampered whilst you detox or perhaps you would prefer to detox in the comfort of your own home. The choice is yours.


Our Therapists

Kelly Hopley – Qualified Holistic Therapist and Teacher and Author of The HAVA Diet – Specialist Detox and Weightloss Program. Kelly is registered by the GRCCT and the Register of Integrative Colon Hydrotherapists and Trainers RICTAT. Kelly is often called upon to speak at National and International events about Natural Healing and is the mother to three children.


I felt at ease through the whole treatment, would fully recommend, Tanya

I have fortnightly massages with Kelly, wouldn’t go anywhere else, Sandra

Despite dieting for twenty years without success, I have lost two stones with The HAVA AND feel great, Mike

About Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe and easy method of cleansing the colon of waste. Colonic has been used now for many decades to help with bloating, constipation, digestive disorders, headaches and skin problems amongst a whole host of other complaints. Unlike laxatives, Colonic Hydrotherapy is not addictive.

What happens during a Colon Hydrotherapy treatment?

A verbal consultation will take place between myself and the client and the needs of the clients will be established. During the treatment warm purified water will be gently introduced into the colon via a disposable speculum. This is not at all messy and there is no odour as the tube is enclosed. The procedure is not painful or uncomfortable and your modesty will be preserved at all times. The clinic has ensuite bathroom facilities ensuring the client feels safe and relaxed.

Why do people have Colon Hydrotherapy?

There are a variety of different reasons, some people like to have a quick detox before a holiday, others have long term health issues such as constipation, migraines, skin problems or digestive problems. There really is not one reason but all customers have been extremely satisfied with the results whatever their initial reason.

What happens during a Nutrition consultation?

I will personally sit down with the client and listen to what the client has been experiencing and ask what the client needs. A detailed case study will be taken if required and I will create a personalised plan depending on what the client requires. The client will be able to take this plan home to work from. Follow up consultations are not compulsory and only booked if the client requires it.

How many colonics do I need?

You can have as many or as little as you are happy with within reason, however here at Nutrience we recommend you have a course of three colonics to effectively clean the colon which can be purchased at a reduced rate of £150. Nutrience recommends no more than 12 treatments in a year.

How do I prepare for my colonic?

We recommend you try to drink at least four glasses of water daily the week prior to the colonic and avoid red meat if at all possible. On the day you do not need to bring anything other than yourself and afterwards you will be able to get home without a problem.

Food Intolerance Testing

The food intolerance testing at Nutrience tests for intolerances to 60 diffferent foods and the test which has been developed in conjunction with Cambridge Nutritional Sciences gives accurate results. The therapist will obtain a little blood from the thumb of the client and test the blood against 60 intolerances. The client can sit and watch the results develop which takes approximately 45 minutes. The procedure isn’t painful and a nutritional consultation is included in the price of £95.